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  • Professional Porcelain Slab Processing Factory

    We are professional porcelain slab processing factory and provide various OEM and ODM production. We have professional technicians, advanced equipment and R&D technology to ensure the high quality of porcelain slabs.

  • Sintered Stone Make Quality Life

    Sintered stone is a super-large new porcelain materials, which is made of natural stone powder, felsic stone and other natural raw materials. Sintered stone is health and safety, fire-proof and high-temperature resistance. It is resistant to staining, corrosion and scratch.

  • What Processing Can Be Done on Sintered Stone?

    Boardway has extensive experience in the processing of Sintered Stone. We have professional processing equipments and a well-trained processing team. Welcome to contact us for OEM production.

  • Common Misconceptions About Porcelain Slabs

    Porcelain slabs, as an artificial rock material, are popularly used in home decoration due to their superhardness, scratch resistance, high machinability, food contact, easy cleaning, and durability.