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  • Manufacturing Process of PVC Foam Board

    This blog briefly describes the manufacturing process and technic of PVC foam board in Boardway factory, helping readers understand how PVC foam board is produced and how it expands into foam board.

  • How to Test PVC Foam Board?

    In this blog, we share the testing methods of PVC foam board, how our workers test the PVC foam board during the production. The testing items including appearance, dimensional and performance.

  • What Are the Differences Between the 3 Types of PVC Foam Boards?

    There are 3 types of PVC foam board: pvc celuka board, pvc free foam board and pvc co-extruded board. They differ in appearance, size and performance. We can choose them according to the purpose.

  • Common Specifications of PVC Foam Board

    As an artificial plastic sheet, PVC foam board has common specifications for it common uses, such as building board, furniture board and advertising sign board.

  • 5 Properties You Should Know about Expanded PVC Sheets

    PVC foam sheet, with an expanded closed-cell core, is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride and is one of the most widely used plastic sheets. Discover the properties of PVC foam board in this blog.

  • Can PVC Foam Board Be Produced in Custom Colors?

    In addition to white, PVC foam board can also be produced in color, common colors are black, gray and brown for furniture use, red, yellow, blue and green for advertising. The color can be customized.

  • Everything You Need to Know About WPC Foam Board

    WPC foam board is based on PVC foam board with a small amount of wood powder added to its raw material. Like the PVC foam board, it is a rigid expanded plastic sheet with an closed-cell structure.

  • What is PVC Foam Board Laminate? Share from Manufacturer

    PVC foam board laminate refers to a thin decorative material covered on one or both sides of a PVC foam board. It consists of three parts, substrate, glue and decorative surface material.

  • What Are the Texture Options for Expanded PVC Foam Board?

    The common surface type of PVC foam board is smooth, Boardway also supplies PVC foam board in matt, woodgrain and brushed grain. Click to check which textured surfaces are available in PVC foam board.

  • How to Process PVC Foam Board? Share from PVC Sheet Manufacturer

    We often say that PVC foam board is an ideal alternative to wooden boards. For those who have not used PVC foam board, they may not know how to process it. Let's check out this blog for a solution.

  • Why Is There Always MOQ When Purchasing PVC Foam Board?

    I want to buy PVC foam board from China. But Chinese suppliers always tell me that there is a minimum order quantity for PVC foam board. Why is there a MOQ? What should I do if I buy a small quantity?

  • Bad Things About PVC Foam Sheet You Should Know

    PVC foam board has many advantages such as waterproof, lightweight, easy to process. But it is not resistant to high temperature and turns yellow outdoors. Find out pros and cons of PVC foam board.

  • Can PVC Foam Board Be Thermoformed?

    PVC foam board is a lightweight, waterproof plastic building board that can be thermoformed and hot bent. The advantage of flexible processing allows it to adapt to a wider range of applications.

  • Tips on How to Distinguish Good and Bad PVC Foam Board

    It's critical to quickly identify good PVC foam board from those poor quality boards on the market. In this blog, we'll share some tips for judging PVC foam board from the buyer's point of view.

  • Why Do We Choose PVC Foam Board Instead of Plywood?

    PVC foam board is often compared with plywood. What are the advantages of PVC foam board? Why should we choose PVC foam board instead of plywood or other wood boards? You'll find answers in this blog.

  • The Uses of PVC Foam Board in Printing and Sign

    PVC foam board is one of the most common materials in the advertising industries. Let's take a look at how it actually performs in printing and signs, and how it compares to other plastic materials.

  • The Uses of PVC Foam Board in Cabinet Furniture

    PVC cabinets can be seen everywhere: whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, living room, balcony in the house, or public places, vehicles and other scenes, we can always find the use of PVC foam board.

  • What is PVC Foam Board?

    Everything you want to know about PVC foam board can be found here. We will continue to update this blog to bring you the latest PVC foam board information and become a Wikipedia of PVC foam board.

  • Why Does the White PVC Foam Board Turn Yellow?

    The white PVC foam sheet may turn yellow after being used for a period of time. The factors that cause its yellowing include the use environment, ultraviolet intensity, and raw material formula.

  • The Uses of PVC Foam Board in Indoor and Outdoor Decoration

    PVC foam board has the advantages of waterproof, flame retardant and easy processing, making it an ideal material for indoor and outdoor decoration. Let's take a look at some of its use cases.

  • Creative Uses for PVC Foam Board You'd Never Think of

    We all know that PVC foam board is very popular in printing and advertising industry, furniture and decoration industry. Do you know what else it can be used for? Let's see and find out.

  • Is PVC Foam Sheet Recyclable? How to Recycle and Reuse?

    PVC board is widely used in various industries because of its excellent performance. We can always see it in advertising, furniture, decoration. So is it recyclable? How do we recycle and reuse it?

  • What Are the Packaging Methods of PVC Foam Board?

    There are so many packaging materials and methods for PVC foam board, which one is the best? How to fully protect pvc foam board at low cost? You'll have the answer after reading this blog.

  • How to Choose the Right PVC Foam Board for My Application?

    Different types of PVC foam board, and different densities, properties, packaging, how do I choose the best material for my application? Learn how to buy PVC sheet and tell suppliers about your needs.

  • Pros and Cons of Various Laminated PVC Foam Boards

    PVC foam board combines various decorative boards by laminating different surface materials. What are their advantages and disadvantages? In this blog, Boardway will give you some tips for shopping.

  • What Are the Types of PVC Foam Boards?

    PVC foam board, also called expanded PVC board. It has five types, including PVC free foam board, PVC celuka board, PVC co-extruded board, WPC foam board and laminated PVC board. Click to learn more.

  • What Are the Common Quality Issues of PVC Foam Board?

    We share common quality issues of PVC foam boards with those who are about to place trial orders to help you check the product quality of PVC board suppliers.

  • What Role Does PVC Foam Board Play in Porcelain Slab Countertops?

    PVC foam board can be used directly as building material and furniture board, and it is also suitable as a composite material for porcelain slab countertops.

  • WPC Board VS MDF Board, Which One to Choose?

    If the outer skin is damaged, the non-waterproof MDF board is easy to absorb water, mold and corrode when used in a humid environment. Are there waterproof, more durable alternatives? WPC board.

  • Which Improper Packaging Causes Damage to PVC Foam Sheet?

    In international shipping, poor packaging often causes damage to PVC foam board. In this blog, we will sort out the damage caused by improper packaging to PVC foam board.

  • What Properties of PVC Foam Board Should Be Paid Attention to When Used As a Cabinet?

    If you are considering using PVC foam board to replace MDF or particle board to make cabinets, have you thought about which properties of PVC foam board should be concerned? Click to learn more.

  • For Printing, Foam Core Board or PVC Foam Board?

    Both foam core board and PVC foam board are very suitable for printing and use as signage in the advertising industry. But how should I choose between them for my needs?

  • What is Sanded PVC Foam Board? What's It For?

    Sanded PVC foam board is a PVC foam board whose surface has been sanded. Sanding treatment is helpful for the pasting or lamination of PVC foam boards.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Laminated PVC Foam Board

    Have you ever had these questions about laminated PVC foam sheet? Such as its performance, safety, service life, etc. Let's find answers to some frequently asked questions from our customers.

  • You Mean It Gets Better Than Particle Board?

    Is particle board the best material for kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities? In our opinion, no, it is neither waterproof nor durable. Let us share an ideal material, PVC foam board.

  • What's So Good About PVC Foam Board?

    "PVC foam board is the an ideal alternative for artificial wood board." "PVC foam board is a good printing material." So, what's so good about PVC foam board? Why do people choose it?

  • Technical Data Sheet (TDS) of PVC Foam Board

    Share the technical data test report of PVC foam board. Click the blog to learn more.

  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of PVC Foam Board

    Share the material safety data test report of PVC foam board. Click the blog to learn more.

  • We Understand You Care About Price, But

    Most of the time, buyers want value for money, or even great value for money. So do our customers. Today, let's talk about the price, the price of PVC foam board.

  • It Seems That PVC Marble Sheet Gets Popular?

    Recently, many customers have inquired about PVC marble sheets. This made us aware of its popularity in the building materials market and interior decoration. Now let's share what is PVC marble sheet.